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Here’s an idea I’ve ripped off and modified a bit from somewhere else. Everyone has seen those shitty motivational posters right? They’re mostly hanging up in corporate offices and other individuality-stealing places. The best ones I’ve ever seen come from a company called TJ got me a calendar of them this year and they’re great.

So, here’s the deal, if you’re interested in bragging rights, use the link below and create your own poster. I’ll post them all on c-spot and the day after the deadline, I’ll open up voting to anyone who wants to. Voting will be done via email and only one vote per person will be allowed. Entrants may submit up to three posters and the top three vote getters will be proudly displayed on C-Spot. Posters will be anonymously displayed for voting so no one but me and the creator will know who they belong to. 

Deadline for submission will be April 15th and winners will be announced April 30th on The C-Spot.
I put this one together in about 20 seconds. Just to see how easy it was.
I’m looking for posters along the lines of those found at and here’s another with some samples:

Here’s the link to create your poster:
Have fun.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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