Phrase of the Day

I work with this really cool woman, Margarita, who has taken to sharing dirty Spanish phrases with me. She has given me permission to post them here, for your learning enjoyment. She points out that many of her phrases are Puerto Rican versions so if you want to contribute a Mexican or other version of the same phrase, please do so by posting a comment for all to see.

One last note, since I haven’t located the correct font yet that will allow me to use the proper Spanish punctuation, know that questions and exclaimations have the appropriate symbol in front of the sentence. And if a “~” is required, I ain’t got one. Please use your imagination and don’t accuse me of being some ignorant gringa.

Muchisimas gracias.

And now, here’s your phrase of the day:

Me cago en na!

Literal meaning: I shit on nothing! Colloquial meaning: Fuck!

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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