A Gamer is Born

Micah and I took a brief detour on the way to get his haircut late Saturday morning. We went to Game Stop and I got him Mater-National something or other. Based on the movie Cars, you can race around Radiator Springs against other vehicles or just cruise around town. We didn’t get a chance to play with it Saturday since we had to boogie over to Grandma & Grandpa’s house for Princess Monica’s 5th birthday party. Which I thought was Sunday. My fault entirely. Well, partially TJ’s fault for letting me think that my mom had taken the invite back when she had stuck it in her bag and forgot about it. Anyway, we all had a great time at the party.


Yesterday morning, Micah informed me that he wanted to play his new video game. So we bundled up and headed for the basement where the television and gaming system are set up. He bounces over to the couch and plops down with a huge smile on his face. We get the game up and running and then he just takes off. I had to take a few steps back and watch him. He had his controls down pat and didn’t need me for anything. He loved crashing into buildings and fences but could, when he wanted to, stay pretty close to the road. He played for a good hour or so before losing interest. He was going to quit sooner but gave up that idea after he discovered the reverse button.


Sometimes I just can’t get over how quickly he’s grown up. He’s a regular boy now and not even close to being my baby. Although hugs and kisses still cure nearly everything that ails him. And he’s not quite too big for me to stop carrying him when he allows it. I’m going to miss that.

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