Joy or Disappointment?

equalityI’ve been pretty busy the past month or so. Lots of family events and duties, nothing bad but loads of things that have kept me running around. In general, so much active, event-driven time spent with my larger family can stress me out and I worked my way into and out of a little bit of depression. I’m feeling pretty good now and have been focused on my health and fitness for the past couple of weeks. Definitely a positive thing for me and I’m working on getting TJ and Micah as motivated as I am. With summer knocking on the door, I don’t think it’ll take much to get them out and on the trail.

Today has the potential to be a great day or a total slap in the face. There’s the possibility that the judge will be ruling on overturning our state’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Over the past few months, I don’t think I’d really allowed myself the opportunity to think about how I would feel if the ban isn’t overturned. That thought really hit me a day or two ago. I remember how incredibly devastated TJ and I both were when the majority of our fellow Wisconsinites decided that we weren’t worthy of equal rights under the law. They stripped us of the ability to legally protect our family. In the eyes of the law, TJ and I are no more connected than me and the woman I say good morning to in the cubicle across from me. When in reality, we’ve got 27 years of love and struggles behind us. We have a young son, a home, cars, retirement funds, and all sorts of other things that heterosexual married couples never have to give a thought to when it comes to estate planning. We’ve also been married for coming up on 9 years but, of course, that’s not recognized here so it may as well have been performed by a bus driver instead of a Canadian judge.

While I’m nearly positive that the our once progressive state will finally do the right thing and allow all of its citizens the same rights to enter into civil contracts with each other, part of me is scared. I know I’m not alone. There are thousands of other Wisconsinites who are feeling the same way I am, right now, at this moment. This weekend is PrideFest and I hope that it will be a weekend filled with celebration and wedding plans for many of my brothers and sisters and not a weekend filled with counting our blessings and commiseration.

4 thoughts on “Joy or Disappointment?

  • June 4, 2014 at 8:41 am

    It will happen, and it will happen soon. The tide has already turned and people seem inclined to be on the right side of history. Fingers crossed for you and TJ and all of the other people who just want to be treated as full citizens.

  • June 4, 2014 at 8:43 am

    Our AG was in the press last week, or the week before, making statements that led everyone to believe he had no confidence in winning. So that’s good. Bastard.

  • June 4, 2014 at 9:08 am

    As Susan said ~ “It will happen, and it will happen soon”.

    I believe it will set precedence for other states, as well. There will always be holdout states (like mine), but their arguments against it will become so weak because the many have shown that it is a good thing.

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