TJ and Her Beer

 TJ & Micah watching football

TJ’s had a site for well over a year now. She registered the same day that I registered c-spot. How many posts has she done? None. She has the idea in her head of what she wants but won’t make a move to create it until she can do it exactly the way she wants. Well, I say enough of that! I’ve struck a deal with her. She wanted her site to be comprised of two basic areas – beer and computers. Not necessarily in that order, I think that will change with the day. I can’t help her much with the computer aspect – at least not yet since I’m not sure what she wants it to be – but I can help out with the beer part. I like beer, why not?

So our deal is this: she takes a picture of the beer in question and jots down a few words to describe it and a rating on a 5-star scale. We got the first post up tonight. Ok, I did the posting but she DID drink and rate the beer. And took most of the pictures. Anyway, there’s a link to her site listed under my family and friends area to the right. It’s small, but with encouragement, she could be the one guiding your beer selections for years to come.

Also, enjoy the picture of TJ and Micah enjoying a relaxing afternoon of NFL action. Damn those NY Giants!! Damn them!

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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