My Kid

 Micah Sleeping

I’ve been a bit short tempered with my young son over the past few days. TJ filled me in on my apparent problem – PMS. I don’t keep track of my cycles. Never really have. Not much of a need for it, in my opinion. Not like I’m trying to become or avoid becoming pregnant. Anyway, TJ’s been very good about helping to spare Micah from my hormone induced wrath. I was quickly losing my patience with him at the dinner table, as is tradition for both Chuck and me, when TJ very graciously offered to take care of Micah tonight. That entails bathing him, getting him dressed for bed, and reading at least one book. As soon as she offered, I immediately thanked her and declined her offer. I could put my irritability aside for an hour and let Micah laugh and have fun before bed. But after about 10 minutes, I knew the truth. It wouldn’t happen that way. I’d pick at him and make him stop doing something that really wasn’t bad or wrong just because it annoyed me. Or he’d not respond to a question I asked quickly enough and that would make me terse with him. I didn’t want to expose him to my bad mood. So I washed the dishes and fed the dogs. And at the end of his night, I gave him hugs and kisses and cradled him in my arms for a minute or so and told him that I loved him. That’s how he should go to sleep every night – happy and loved. And then we crept in and looked at how beautiful he is and thought of how blessed we are to have him in our lives. And I thought, to myself, how thankful I am to TJ, Chuck, and Molly for giving me this incredible gift. 

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