The Entitlement Puppets

Mmm… Public Assistance!

The past several months have been super busy for me. I’ve ended up with a pretty steady freelance-type job that seems to be growing. It’s very nice for helping to get our bills paid off but not conducive to blogging or gaming or sleeping late. I’m having a good time though, so it’s not a bad trade-off.

Today, I want to share The Entitlement Puppets with you. I’m always begging Erin for cartoons or drawings and instead of doing the one she promised she would, she was inspired to create this lovely lobster and steak set. And put them on bendy straws.

Several years ago, I had met a young woman at a local book group who sort of latched on to me. It eventually got to be a very uncomfortable situation and I cut all contact. One of conversations we had that led to my bailing had to do with poor people. She had made a comment about the majority of people on public assistance being frauds and that she sees them regularly enjoying steak and lobster. The real oppressed people in this country, according to her, were Jewish lesbians. After I stared at my computer screen for several minutes to make sure I wasn’t misreading, I let her know that she really needed to educate herself on the sociological and political aspects of poverty and that, while I’m sure Jewish lesbians do endure oppression and prejudice, the majority of people receiving public aid don’t enjoy fine cuts of meat and expensive seafood on a regular basis.

Of course, I shared this conversation with my Social Worker BFF, Erin, and it’s become a long running joke. And now, years later, I have my very own steak and lobster to remind me of the terrible oppression experienced by my former friend, the upper-middle class, white, Jewish lesbian.

3 thoughts on “The Entitlement Puppets

  • March 26, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    That was brilliant!! I love your puppets. Please tell Erin she made me smile!! LOL I can promise you that when I was lucky enough to get help with our food situation, steak never entered my mind or the shopping cart. I could create more meals like poor man’s spaghetti when things were tight of sauce and noodles. My son never went hungry, but steak….lol Thank you for this.

    Sorry you have been so busy, I have missed your posts but wow..glad you are happy.

  • March 26, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    Actually, since food assistance was changed from government cheese and peanut butter to a (food stamp) debit card, the poor are indeed free to blow their allotment on steak and lobster. They might be fasting by the end of the month though….

    Please feel sorry for the Jewish lesbians who are obese, hook nosed and stupid; Not the smoking-hot and brilliant ones.

  • March 26, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    They’re tops on my pity list, Dad. I’ll fantasize about the other group.

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