Give a Little Bit

Ever heard of Kiva? If you haven’t, I’m a gonna tell you about it now. Well, just a little bit. You can check it out for yourself at Since my favorite charitable organization is going to be closing down, Kiva will become my new favorite. In a nutshell, regular folks like you and me make small loans to folks around the world. For as little as $25, you can directly help someone start or expand a small business. Seriously, this is a great thing. And after your loan is repaid, you can either take your money back or loan it out again.


I had heard a short story about it on NPR awhile ago but didn’t check it out. Then Molly, always in the know of good causes, gave Micah a Kiva gift certificate for his birthday. Me, being the loser I am, promptly misplaced the certificate and then, after locating it several months later, carried it around in my bag for another few months. I finally redeemed it this morning.


Take a few minutes and go to the site. I’ll put a link up also. Do it. It’ll make you feel good. And you’ll be doing something to help out someone else. DO IT!!

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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