Busy Week


It has been a fairly busy week or so for our family and I’m looking forward to things slowing down a bit. TJ’s youngest brother, Tim, came to town last Saturday to celebrate her birthday. It was so nice to have him here, we only wish it could have been for a longer visit. We hadn’t seen him since TJ and I went to Kansas for their grandmother’s funeral a few years ago. TJ was actually about a month pregnant at the time. That was when she decided to come out to her family. That’s another post in itself but here’s basically how it went: “um, you know that Cheri and I have been together for a very long time, right?” “well, I’m pregnant.” I thought for sure we’d have to resusitate a few relatives.

Anyway, Tim and I had been planning this visit for several months and we did a great job of keeping it a secret from TJ. Until less than a week before the event. TJ was very depressed and I can’t stand to see her sad. Tim and I discussed it and decided that she would be just as surprised when she found out whether it was before or after he arrived. So he spilled the beans. She cried. It was great. We had the whole family together for dinner at Buca di Beppo – except for Kamonie who was missed. The kids goofed off and we all ate loads of food and had a very nice time. TJ seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself. It was fantastic to have Tim with us. I don’t think I could love that guy more if he were my blood brother.

After dinner, Tim, Lisa and Stephanie, Edwin and Denise, and TJ and I hung out in the basement and played video games, drank lots of alcohol, and talked. Well, Stephanie fell asleep on the couch upstairs and they left after an hour or so. Edwin and Denise took off shortly after 3 am and TJ, Tim, and I talked until about 4 am when I went up to read for a bit and watch some TV until TJ finally made it to bed around 5ish. And we all felt like shit the next day. Just a bit too much beer and Jungle Juice. It also didn’t help that Micah had me up at around 7 am. Sunday was spent with TJ and Tim laying in various positions in the basement while watching football, too hungover to do much of anything else. It was mostly funny to me, I was only mildly hung over.

Monday brought our 21st anniversary. Just think, if our relationship was a person, it could go to a bar and legally have a celebratory drink. Yeah, it sort of blows our minds that we’ve been together for so long. I was telling TJ the other day that I still feel as intensely for her as I did when we first got together, which was a story that I had the pleasure of sharing with Denise and Edwin a few weeks ago during a night of drinking and video game playing. I worked damn hard to get TJ and our life togther has been worth every minute of it.

Thursday was TJ’s birthday. She had to work but one of her cohorts in Dallas relieved her somewhere around 7pm so she got to relax for the rest of the night. She’s never been one for doing much for her birthday. She just doesn’t like a lot of attention and feels much more comfortable sliding by in the background. I try to mess that plan up as much as I possibly can. So for her 40th birthday, Micah and I spoiled her as much as we could with lots of hugs and kisses.

Well, I’m going to get another cup of coffee so I can get moving this morning. Chuck invited me to see a show with him this afternoon and I’ve got a few things I need to take care of before I can go. Hasta luego.

Oh! I nearly forgot. This month would have been 20 years since I’ve seen or heard from my biological father. I have a feeling that some of you didn’t know that I had another dad – that I was just extremely light for a mixed kid – but I do. I also have another brother. I’ve not spoken to my youngest brother since the last time I saw my dad, 20 years ago, but we’ve corresponded through email a few times. Anyway, a couple of days before Christmas, my dad and my brother registered on c-spot. Needless to say, I was incredibly shocked and went through a wide range of emotions. I’m cool now and have decided to just let it go and not worry about it. If I hear from them, fine, if not fine. It’s not like I’m losing anything. Right?


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