Sick, Dammit.

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The October Challenge is well underway. I’ve been sick and in bed for all of it, so far. Not a great way to start the month but I’m hopeful that tomorrow I’ll be up and around and feeling much better. The dogs have been keeping me company, so that’s been nice. Except for them fighting over bones and toys. That’s not quite so nice since they’re usually on the bed fighting on top of me.

I used up one of my fast food days yesterday since TJ worked late and I didn’t have the energy to cook. Micah and I ordered pizza and we ate while lying in bed watching Fellowship of the Ring. I’ve been trying to convince him to watch it for months. He’s always refused because he thought it would be bloody and scary. We watched over an hour of it and he’s loving it. I’m hoping to watch the rest tonight. We listened to the audiobook of The Hobbit a couple of months ago and he liked it more than I thought he would. The narrator was very bland and I had a tough time getting into the story but Micah dug it.

It’s been many years since I’ve watched The Lord of the Rings and I have to say that playing Lord of the Rings Online enhanced the experience. I think I irritated Micah a couple of times by saying, “I’ve been to the Prancing Pony” or “I’ve traveled that same road!” Good thing he likes to play LOTRO, too.

All right, I’ve used up all my energy and it’s time for a nap.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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