Back to Abnormal

micah stickTomorrow morning we reunite with our wild child. I know that he’s had a fantastic time and that part of him will be sad to be leaving camp but I’ll be happy to have him back.

Yes, it’s much quieter at home and we can go out to a bar without finding someone to watch him but something feels very wrong while he’s gone. I don’t like it. The dogs aren’t sure what to think. They continue to watch the door for a few minutes after TJ or I get home to see if Micah will be following. It makes me feel good to know that Dusty’s going to shake himself silly with all tail wagging he’ll be doing when Micah finally does walk through the door. And that’ll make Micah feel good about being home. He’ll need that because I imagine it’ll take me about 20 minutes from the time we get home to tell him to please take the noise down a notch. That’s when I’ll feel better because it’ll mean that life has gone back to what it should be: disorganized, loud, and chaotic.

Comment if you want. You know, no pressure.

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