Peaceful Tuesday Morning

Been working out again with my brother. This morning we decided to do something fun outside of the gym. Hard work but in a beautiful setting. What a great way to start the day!

Celebrate International Tabletop Day!

Most of my friends and close family members know that I’m a tabletop game junkie. I’ve always enjoyed playing games like backgammon, rummy, and Magic the Gathering and never much cared whether I won or lost. My enjoyment came from spending time with others and sharing an experience. Tabletop gaming has grown over the years into something very different from the board games of my youth like Monopoly, Sorry, Payday, and Life. Now there are so many different types of games that everyone can find something that keeps them coming back to the table, even if they’re the only one playing.

I stumbled upon modern tabletop gaming while cruising around on YouTube. There I found a show called, appropriately, TableTop. (Here’s a link to one of the shows that inspired me to get the game being played: I binged for hours while making lists of games to buy, many of which have become family favorites. I wrangled my son into watching with me and he immediately became a huge Wil Wheaton fan and we’ve watched just about every episode together, along with an RPG show he created and GM’d. But back to gaming…

My interest in tabletop games has grown into a monthly gaming group and I’ve successfully gotten a few other folks hooked, as well. I feel pretty good about this! While many of the games can be expensive (see Mansions of Madness or The Fury of Dracula) and take hours to read the rules and learn to play, loads are affordable and easy to learn. There’s also a huge online community of gamers just waiting to help others learn and find a perfect game.

In celebration of International Tabletop Day, I want to spread the love. According to the Geek & Sundry post that I nabbed the image from, this year’s theme is focusing on how tabletop gaming has changed our lives. Personally, it’s brought me closer to some of my friends and it’s given my wife, son, and I a new way to bond and spend quality time together. Now I want to give someone else the opportunity to discover the happiness that gaming can inspire.

Simply leave a comment on this post on or before April 23rd letting me know what the last game you played was. If you’ve never played a tabletop game or it’s been so long that you can’t remember, let me know that. I’ll pick someone and send a new game that should arrive in time to play on ITD.

To steal the line Wheaton uses to close his show, play more games!

A Flash Mob Choir At The Women’s March Turned This Unknown Song Into An Anthem

Reblogging because holy shit, this song!

“Quiet,” by the Los Angeles-based singer MILCK, goes viral after a group of women perform it a capella during the weekend protest in Washington, D.C.

Source: A Flash Mob Choir At The Women’s March Turned This Unknown Song Into An Anthem

*Here’s a link to purchase the song to support the artist:

Review: In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m happy I finally read this book. The way Capote uses imagined dialogue and scenes involving the killers made very unsympathetic people/characters somewhat sympathetic. Once I felt that at least one of the men, Perry, was a kind soul who couldn’t possibly be the one who pulled the trigger, Capote hit me with what actually took place. The whole murder scenario was a punch to the gut after taking his time building the characters into real human beings, the victims and the murderers.

It’s a story that will stick with me for a good long time.

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Racial Diversity in Lesfic ‹ KDWilliamsonfiction ‹ Reader —

I’m reblogging because it’s important and something that I and many of my reading friends have spoken about for years. I have been seeing more POCs on book covers and included in more lesfic romances but it’s not enough. Readers – and authors – need to speak up and let publishers know that diversity and inclusiveness are important in our community.

Thanks to KD Williamson for the post.

Source: Racial Diversity in Lesfic ‹ KDWilliamsonfiction ‹ Reader —